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November 1, 2015

Trove Books is the home of Dan McGirt’s Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series, starting with #1: Hero Wanted and #2: Noble Cause. The next Jason Cosmo adventure, #3: Royal Crush, will launch December 5, 2015.

Trove also publishes the novels of Andrea Parnell, author of romance and intrigue.

Gothic Historical Romances:

Guns & Garters Western Romances:

Hero Wanted by Dan McGirt ISBN 978-0-9820598-0-7

Jason Cosmo #1: HERO WANTED

Jason Cosmo—woodcutter turned reluctant hero—must learn the truth about the tremendous price on his head.

The wizard Mercury Boltblaster is on the run from the sinister Dark Magic Society.

Together, they must battle bounty hunters, demons, trolls, mercenaries, a vengeful king—and all the terrors of the Incredibly Dark Forest. Then it gets dangerous.


Jason Cosmo #2: NOBLE CAUSE

Jason Cosmo, Champion of The Gods, vows to end slavery in the great city of Caratha. But powerful Carathans like things as they are and will stop at nothing to stop Jason. Also, a giant bear roams the city, eating anyone it can, while an ancient evil seeks to rise again. And those are only the start of Jason’s problems!

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